Juicy Jays Strawberry King Size Slim Rolling Papers


Juicy Jays Strawberry kingsize slim flavoured rolling papers are a great way jazz up your smoke. Juicy Jay’s have mastered a ‘triple dip’ system that produces a king size slim rolling paper that is infused with a mouth watering Strawberry flavour 🍓

Using soy based ink to give the paper an attractive vibrant appearance and natural sugar gum, Juicy Jay’s kingsize slim papers leave a sweet taste on your lips and produce a flavorsome smoke 💨

These Juicy Jay’s flavoured fruity Strawberry king size slim rolling papers measure 35mm across and each pack contains 32 mouth watering papers.

Paper Size: King Size Slim (110mm x 44mm)
Flavor: Strawberry
Quantity: 1 pack of 32 leaves

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