Twisted Hemp Wraps


Have you ever smoked a tobacco & nicotine free roll? Twisted hemp wraps will change how you sesh! Each single package contains 4 flavored Hemp wraps that feature a slow burn, without the harshness of tobacco or nicotine! 😊💨

The use of Twisted Hemp wraps has been on a steady rise in the past few years 📈 That is because a good number of cannabis consumers are seeking cleaner ways of using marijuana. Since Twisted Hemp all natural wraps and Twisted Hemp flavors are tobacco-free, many have resorted to using them.

Twisted Hemp blunt wraps are made from organic substances. Thus, they provide a better smoking experience. Twisted Hemp wraps provide you with the purest way of smoking marijuana thereby reducing the health risks associated with smoking harmful products. Consequently, the use of Twisted Hemp wraps is poised to surpass conventional smoking wraps that contain tobacco and nicotine.

Quantity: 1 pack consists of 4 wraps

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