Raw Masterpiece Classic Rolls 3m + 30 Pre-Rolled Tips


In one box of RAW Masterpiece Rolls cigarette paper and tips, there are 30 pre-rolled filters directly included, in addition to a roll of 3 metres of unbleached continuous paper.

The paper contains no chlorine, other chemicals or flavourings and has a visually appealing light brown colouring. Thanks to the continuous paper with a width of 54 mm, you alone decide how long the roll-your-own should be – have fun setting new length records!

RAW papers contain no genetically modified raw materials, are vegan and are produced sustainably in Spain. A large part of the energy needed for production is generated from wind power and the dry, warm air on site naturally helps with the drying processes.

54 mm x 3 m
Made from vegan plant fibres
Continuous paper with 30 pre-rolled tips

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