Monkey King Popcorn Touch and Smell Rolling Papers with Tips


Smells Like Popcorn

Who doesn’t love the smell of popcorn in the morning, at night, or at any time of the day? There’s this feeling of being in a safe place that comes with the smell of popcorn. There are a lot of memories that smell induces in many people, and many reasons why it is not a bad idea to have it infused into rolling papers.

This brilliant arrangement is the brainchild of the geniuses at Monkey King Papers from Spain. These people have made their name by the myriad of aromatic rolling papers they’ve released.

Rolling Papers For The Kingly Customer

The first feature is the slow-burning speed. Everyone wants their roll to last longer. It’s really a bummer when the euphoria and that feeling of burdens being lifted is cut short by a paper that burns too quickly. With Monkey King Popcorn Touch and Smell Rolling Papers you won’t have that problem again.

These rolling papers are made of the best quality papers that ensure that the joint would last longer than most. Thick sheets of 100% gum Arabic unbleached paper are used to achieve this purpose.

The second is the smell. Few things interest cannabis enthusiasts more than aromatic rolling papers. Added smells in rolling papers isn’t something every cannabis user thought they needed. But once your customers use them, they’re unlikely to go back to the plain ones. Monkey King Popcorn Touch and Smell Rolling Papers aromatic papers have a way of making sure that their scents don’t overshadow the cannabis smell. Instead, they combine with it to produce aromas that are unlike any other.

The third is cost-effectiveness. There are thirty-two sheets of paper in each booklet of this product. These all come with filters for their papers, so you don’t have to buy your own, and can save money.

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