Juicy Jay’s Hemp Wraps Blunt Red Alert


The Juicy Jay Sensation! Juicy Jay sells a variety of herb wraps that are small beasts that can take you on a crazy trip. These wraps feature distinct flavors that smell and taste differently.

These Juicy Jay’s Hemp Wraps Blunt Red Alert are organic and contain no tobacco or nicotine. Each Juicy Jay blunt is triple-dipped with three flavors to appeal to every herb lover.

Made of Pure Natural Hemp – Contains NO TOBACCO

Flavor: The Juicy Jay Purple blunt wrap offers a bizarre combination of aromas that will astound your customers, as each person who smells it will get a distinct essence. The flavor in these wraps increases the user’s pleasure while also stimulating their sense of smell. With each puff, the flavor leaves a pleasant aftertaste.

Wraps per pack: 2 pure hemp wraps

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