Hemparillo Hemp Wraps Cali Fire x4 Blunts


Hemparillo blunts are wraps made from pure hemp (without tobacco). These cannabis cigars smell and taste like a touch of whiskey, a little cinnamon and spicy fireball. Each pack contains 4 of these delicious blunts. There is no adhesive edge, but after a few times practice you can easily close the blunt. You can also wrap a piece of rolling paper around the tip. In this way the blunt remains in place.

These original hemp wraps stay fresh for a long time when you close the packaging with the closing strip. Hemparillo blunt wraps are available in the following flavours: Berries, Blueberry, Bubblegum, Cali-Fire, Grape, Mango Haze, Naked, OGK, Purple Haze, Sweets and Strawberry.


Brand: Royal Blunts.
Flavour: Whiskey, cinnamon and fireball.
100% hemp without tobacco.
Length: 92mm.
Width: 53mm.
4 blunts per pack.
Price per pack.

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