actiTube Activated Carbon Filters Extra Slim 6 mm


Box of 10 Extra Slim activated carbon actiTube filters. The Extra Slim filters have a diameter of 6mm, and are the narrowest of all actiTube.

This new format has arrived thanks to the demand of smokers for finer actiTube filters. Now we can enjoy the usual actiTube, but with a smaller thickness, more similar to the filter that is usually put on cigarettes made with rolling tobacco.

actiTube no longer have 2 different sides, now both are ceramic and it doesn’t matter which side you use it on. Inside they contain active carbon, which filters out harmful substances and leaves a cleaner and more powerful flavour, without altering the flavour of your herbs.

Length: 27mm
Diameter: 6mm
Quantity: 10 filters per pack

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