USA Weight Digital Scale Georgia 0.1g – 1000g


The Handy Multifunctional Weighing Tool

Make your customers stay ahead and in control with this high-precision scale that can weigh even the lightest objects in the kitchen, jewellery, or hardware store. The USA Weight Digital Scale Georgia 0.1g – 1000 g is perfect for measuring jewellery, hardware, or even food ingredients in the kitchen. It features a high-precision strain gauge sensor system that allows your customers to measure objects up to one gram with an accuracy of 0.1 grams.

In addition, this scale comes with a large LED display screen that makes it easy to read the weights of items. The buttons are also backlit, so the user can easily operate the scale even in low light conditions.

Portable & Energy-Efficient

The USA Weight Digital Scale Georgia 0.1g – 1000 g automatically turns off after 2 minutes of inactivity to save battery life, while the precision adjustment knob allows different calibrations to be set, while the display saves the user’s last weights. It even has a “tare” option so your customers can subtract the weight of a container before weighing it.

This scale has a durable metal body and stainless steel weighing platform that makes it ideal for everyday use. It is also extremely portable as well as energy-efficient, so your customers can take it with them anywhere they go and use it without worrying about how much power it consumes. Get your profit margins up by double digits when you take advantage of our premium wholesale USA Weight Digital Scale Georgia 0.1g – 1000 g offer today! Click here to order.


High precision strain gauge sensors
Capacity: 1000g (1kg)
Accuracy: 0.1g (0.01oz)
Tare function for net determination
Auto power off function to conserve battery life
LCD display with blue backlight for easy reading in low light situations
Power: 2 x AAA batteries (not included)

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