Skull Crown Blue Glass Bong Bowl 18.8mm


Designed to perfectly resemble a blue skull wearing a gold crown, this bong bowl is nothing but exquisite. The blue and gold colours are vibrant and distinctive, completing the regal look of this piece.

It has a joint diameter that is 18.8mm wide, meaning that a considerable amount of herb can be packed inside it without the need for refilling. This bong bowl has a male joint, so it will fit in a bong with a female joint.

This blue-coloured bowl is made from quality borosilicate glass, which is the ideal material for making smoking accessories. This is because borosilicate glass has high heat resistance and can withstand high temperatures without cracking. It also has high stability, ensuring that the glass material does not alter the flavours of herbs during use. Finally, borosilicate glass is durable and does not chip or crack easily.

Socket size: 18.8mm

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