Silicone Bee Pipe Set With Stash Container


The Silicone Bee Pipe Set With Stash Container is a must-have for smoking enthusiasts. This set includes a vibrant blue and purple pipe, designed with high-quality silicone for durability and easy cleaning. The pipe comes with a convenient case, ensuring safe storage and portability.

Alongside the pipe, you’ll find a multifunction tool, perfect for packing and cleaning. The set also includes a 5ml silicone jar for storing your favorite herbs, a cleaning brush for maintenance, and 10 pipe filters for a smooth smoking experience.

To top it off, the set includes a stash container, providing a discreet and secure place to keep your smoking essentials. Whether you’re a seasoned smoker or new to the world of pipes, the Silicone Bee Pipe Set With Stash Container is a stylish and practical choice.

Set contains:
1x Silicone Bee Pipe 11cm
1x Multifunction Tool
1x Silicone Jar(5ml)
1x Cleaning brush
10x Pipe Filters
1x Stash Container

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