RAW Classic Rolling Papers Medium Size


Raw classic 1 1/4 rolling papers are a popular choice among smokers for their natural and unrefined qualities. These papers are made from pure, unbleached and natural fibers, which gives them a unique light brown color. The papers are also free from chlorine and other chemicals, making them a healthier option for smoking.

One of the main advantages of Raw 1 1/4 classic rolling papers is their size. Measuring 1 1/4 inches in width, they are the perfect size for rolling medium to large joints or cigarettes. The papers are also easy to handle, with a smooth texture that allows for easy rolling.

Raw 1 1/4 classic rolling papers are also known for their slow and even burn. This is due to the natural fibers used in their construction, which burn at a slower rate than other papers. This means that smokers can enjoy a longer-lasting smoking experience, without the need for frequent relighting.

Paper Size: Regular (78mm x 44mm)
Quantity: 1 pack contains 50 leaves

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