Rainbow Bee Bong Hexagon Triple Thick Glass 32cm


The Rainbow Bee Hexagon Triple Thick Glass Bong 32cm is the perfect bong for people who are looking to smoke on a budget but still want something that’s going to last. The glass on this bong is triple thick and very strong, making it a great choice for those who have had problems with the glass breaking on their other bongs. With this one, your won’t have to worry about that any longer!

This bong has a hexagonally shaped neck which makes it stand out from other bongs. It also has a honeycomb pattern with a beehive-shaped mouthpiece. This piece hits like a champ with its triple honeycomb percolator and ice catcher.

The Rainbow Bee Hexagon Triple Thick Glass Bong has a fixed downstem, which creates smoke bubbles as you smoke travels through it into the beaker chamber. This causes the smoke to cool off before inhalation while also increasing surface area to filter out more impurities and unwanted particulates. This bong is an amazing piece of glassware that will bring a splash of color to any smoker’s life. It is as stylish as it is functional.

Lenght: 32cm
Socket size: 14.5mm

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