Mushroom Keychain Pipe 7cm


This 3 parts anodized metal mushroom pipe is one of the smallest pipes available and converts from mushroom to pipe with ease. 🍄

Unscrewing the cap reveals the secret bowl. Screw the bowl back on the stem and you have a nice little pipe.

This unique keychain is perfect for those who love mushroom-themed accessories and also doubles as a smoking pipe. The metal tube is discreetly hidden within the design, making it a convenient and portable option for smokers on the go.

The bright color adds a pop of personality to your keys or bag, while the mushroom design is sure to catch the eye of fellow mushroom enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for a practical smoking accessory or a fun addition to your key collection, this metal keychain with a metal tube is the perfect choice.

Lenght: 7cm
Material: Metal


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