Monster Bong Glass-Clay 16cm Yellow

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Monsters scare a lot of people. They look dangerous and grotesque in ways that keep people up at night.

So, taking a monster head and sticking a bong pipe in it to show dominance sounds great, doesn’t it? Our Monster Glass-Clay Bong 16cm Yellow is a dream come true if unique things have a place in your heart.

With realistic craftsmanship for the most beautiful effects, this glass bong is a lot more than the average. The intricate designs on these Bongs pull all eyes to your friends as you pull them out. And despite those embellishments, it is not so heavy that it can’t be carried easily.

Height: 16cm
Material: Glass / Ceramic
Socket size: 14.5mm

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1 review for Monster Bong Glass-Clay 16cm Yellow

  1. Kenny pack

    Luv it…

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