Monkey King Filter Tips White


Get Kingly With The Blunt

Taking a drag from a cannabis blunt is one of the best things ever. But you can make it even better for your customers by providing filters for them. Once they’ve used a filter once, they’ll most likely not go back.

The benefits of filters are numerous. As their name implies, they help filter the smoke coming through the blunt to keep out some of the harmful tar. Their sturdy materials also make the blunt stronger and easier to handle without it falling apart. They also help prevent the cannabis from getting into the user’s mouth when taking in the drag.

However, few filters do these functions with the style that our wholesale Monkey King Filter Tips White (50pcs/display) bring to the table.

Roll Regally

The sturdiness of the paper of these filters makes all the difference in the rolling. Thanks to that, your customers can smoke all the cannabis in the roll without it burning their lips. That will greatly increase the cannabis efficiency.

Size: 60x20mm
Quantity: 50 Tips per 1 pack

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