Glow in the Dark Red Gorilla Bong Triple Thick Glass 25cm


Triple Thickness For Double The Pleasure!

Glow in the Dark Red Gorilla Triple Thick Glass Bong is made from high-grade, ultra-clear, borosilicate glass. It’s a thing of beauty and it’s a bong that you will be proud to own and display. The bowl for this bong is an all-glass one that stands at a height of 25cm tall.

It has a mouthpiece that is flared outwards to allow a comfortable inhale each time the smoker takes a hit. This is a large enough pipe, but not too large so that it will be difficult to hold and use comfortably. The large size also means that it can pack in more smoke to give you bigger hits than smaller bongs would provide.

This Bong Loves UV Lights

This Red Gorilla glow-in-the-dark bong is made from triple-thick glass which means that it’s strong and durable so you never have to worry about breakages or cracks. This product is: High quality, triple thick borosilicate glass, Clear glass with red gorilla logo, A Thick glass bowl included, Removable downstem (diffused), and easy to clean and maintain

This awesome bong is made from super thick 7mm glass and features a red gorilla logo on the front. The inside of the bong is bright green which glows under UV light. The bong features an ice twist allowing you to place ice in the tube for a smoother hit. The bong includes a glass slide bowl for herbs which has a handle for easy removal.

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