Amsterdam Rasta Spiral Bong 40cm


Do you like unusual solutions with fancy colors? Cool! Because the Amsterdam Rasta bong offers just that.

Thick glass, spectacular filtration and an extra large mouthpiece are what you need in your life. The water pipe has a spiral filtration that distributes the water throughout the bong, creating water “spouts” inside, the smoke is thus treated with life-giving fluid and filtered to the maximum.

The bong is tall, its sides are thick, and the whole thing is placed on a solid, almost indestructible base. The colors of this bong are typical Rasta green, red and yellow. The glass bowl is large in relation to the entire structure of the bong, so it can accommodate a large amount of herbs.

Color: Black / Rasta / Transparent
Material: Glass
Height: 40cm / 15.5inch
Joint size: 18.8mm

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