4-Part RAW Original Metal Grinder with Giftbox 55mm


The RAW Aluminium 4-Part Sifter Grinder uses tried and tested engineering to ensure the most reliable & efficient cuts, shreds and grinds.

The strongly proven classic notch-tooth design with angle enhancements and edge bumps, push your herbs and spices from the edges back into the center shredding area. Consisting of 4 pieces, the sifter piece features a fine mesh screen that filters through the most potent parts of your herbs and stores it in the lower piece. This is great because each time you grind, you’re creating a fine powder that will build up over time that you can then use, either when your main herbs are finished or whenever you want to add a little extra potency.

This item comes in a presentation box and is included with a small plastic spoon for easy distribution of your sifted herbs.

Size: 55mm
Material: Metal
Parts: 4-Part

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